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Born in Istanbul, Turkey, 1991
currently lives and works in Istanbul

sound artist / transdisciplinary artist - composer - architect

#sonic arts #architecture #sound design #sound installation

#site-specific sound installation #video art #graphic score

M.A.: 2022, Istanbul Technical University, Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM), Music Programme (Sonic Arts)

- 2022 Master’s Thesis, “Compositional Strategies to Create Experiences of Imaginary Spaces through Headphone Listening”

B.Sc.: 2015, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, Architecture

Professional Experience and Awards
2022-still Sound Editor, Melodika Sound Production

2023-Parttime Lecturer, Bahcesehir University "Audio for Moving

Image" (Music, elective course)

2022-2023 Parttime Lecturer, Istanbul Bilgi University

"Audio for Moving Image" (Cinema, elective course)

"Sound for Visuals" (Visual Communication Design, elective course)

2019 Natural Building, Marmaris Eco-Demo House for Children (architect, builder)


2016-2018 Architectural Office, Ozer-Urger Architecture (architect)


2012 Architectural Competition, BONFIRE: Open Architectural Competition (Jury’s Special Edition)


2023, January 21st, Concert, Spatial Live Performance at Yeldegirmeni Sanat part of Noise Festival 

2022, December 29th, Concert, "SPATIO 2" (3D sound system, Spatial Composition with 8 speakers), SONIFIED A Symposium of Sonic Practices, at Arter Museum/Istanbul

2022 Group Exhibition, "SPATIO" (Sound and Space Installation with Visual Supportive Items), BASE 2022, Akaretler/Sıraevler, Istanbul


2022 Group Exhibition, "SOFRA" (Sound Installation), BASE + Jumbo, YapıKredi Bomontiada, Istanbul

2022 Radio Art Participant, "Memory House" (Binaural audio), 60 Seconds Radio, Montreal, Qc. Canada


2022 Audiovisual Live Performance at Atlas 

2022 Curational team, MediSoup-Healing. Listening to a Brave New World

2021 Sound design for the solo exhibition by Halil Sercan Tunalı, A Primitive Space Journey, Galeri 77, Karaköy, Istanbul

2021 Concert, MediSoup-Unmasking. Experimental Sonic Practices (online)

2020 Online Concert, Sharing the Sound, VIRO-MANIFESTAL (sound & text composition and video), ITU MIAM, Istanbul

2020 Group Exhibition, "VIRO-MANIFESTAL" (Sound-text composition and video), MamutArt Project, YapıKredi Bomontiada, Istanbul

2019 Concert, From the Sun to the Moon with MIAM Improvisation Ensemble, S FSS NEF FE (piece for 3 vocals and electronics), ITU MIAM, Istanbul

2018 Concert, Comprovasations, SPATIO (Quadrophonic soundscape composition), ITU MIAM, Istanbul

2018 Concert, Play Fast Rewind, Ivs (Electroacoustic fixed media piece), ITU MIAM, Istanbul


2022 Interview, Argonatlar Sanat, "BASE 2022’de öne çıkan 11 sanatçıyla konuştuk" (online art magazine)

2020 Interview, Mimarizm, Mamut Art Project: “VIRO-MANIFESTAL” (online architectural magazine)


2020 Conversations, MamutArt Project.


2022, Symposium, International Graduate Research Symposium IGRS’22, "Compositional Strategies to Create Experiences of Imaginary Spaces through Headphone Listening"


2021 Round table talk, organized by IBB and Department of Cultural Assets for a series of interdisciplinary methodology discussions, Ataturk Library, Istanbul

2020 Online Seminar, Current Research in Music, SPATIO: An Electroacoustic Composition Model for Spatial Narration and Navigation, MIAM Colloquium, İstanbul Technical University, Istanbul

Teaching Experiences

2021 Lecture, on Sound and Space Relations, Istanbul Technical University (one lecture)


2021 Workshop, Urban Sound Awareness and Representation #3, MEF University (one-week online workshop)


2020 Workshop, Sound Mapping, Istanbul Technical University (one-week online workshop)


2020 Workshop, Sound Poetry, Kadir Has University (one-week online workshop)


2019 Workshop, Urban Sound Awareness and Representation #2, MEF University (one-week workshop)


2019 Soundwalk, with students at World Listening Day, Karaköy, Istanbul


2019 Workshop, Urban Sound Awareness and Representation #1, Ozyegin University (ten days summer architectural design studio)


2019 Workshop, Sound Sculpture, Istanbul Technical University (one week workshop)


2019 Presentation, Recent work on sound-space relation called SPATIO, ITU MIAM


2019 Architectural Design Studio, Soundscape, Istanbul Technical University (one-semester guest instructor)

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