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Sound and space installation with visual representative items, 2020


Medium: 7’16’’ (loop) quadrophonic (4-channel) sound, speakers, 250x450x350 cm dark listening room, 1080p graphic score, and 1080p synchronized animation with timer.

Animation: Cem Bayramçavuş.
















SPATIO is a sound and space installation based on the interaction between sound and physical space. It comprised a quadraphonic electroacoustic/soundscape composition, created for defining and manipulating space, and a listening room with a speaker placed in each of the four corners. It uses the listening room as an instrument to express its existing properties. The stages form the structure of the composition, such as introducing the space, and manipulations of size, form, texture, and function. The graphical score, which I made during the creation process of composition to visualize all my ideas, shows all the used sounds, techniques, and choreographies among the speakers throughout the piece.












*This video contains the stereo version of the audio which does not fully represent the original sound experience but gives an idea with regular equipment.













Group Exhibition
BASE (new artist platform) "Trace and Communication" @Akaretler, Istanbul/TR, 2022 September 28 - October 2.


Sound installation, 2022

Medium: 5’25’’ (loop) multi-channel sound, speakers, 280x210x25 cm vertical table plane with 5-10 cm Ø gaps, kitchen/tableware objects in different sizes and materials fixed to the surface used as listening apparatus.
















SOFRA aims to provide a dining experience in the exhibition environment through the sounds and acoustic properties of kitchen objects. Various sounds, sometimes leaking from behind the wall and sometimes through the gaps, are also heard by being transmitted over these objects. The sounds of the objects are used as a tool to arouse curiosity in the visitors and to “gather around the table”. Thus, visitors approaching the objects listen to them and become a part of the dining experience. The sounds that visitors hear vary according to their location. The different interaction of each object with sound creates varied listening experiences and compositions throughout the circulation of the visitors.

Group Exhibition
BASE (new artist platform) + JUMBO (kitchen product brand) "Timeless Journey", @YapıKredi Bomontiada, Istanbul/TR, 2022 June 23 -July 6.


Oggusto (life-style digital platform), Sanat ve Tasarımın Mükemmel Birlikteliği: Zamansız Yolculuk Sergisi, 2022.

Sound installation, 2022


Medium: 4’30’’ (loop) stereophonic

(2-channel) sound, speaker, rounded concrete staircase

















Using the echo of staircase and the soundscapes of various remote habitats, the work includes nonverbal dialogues and movements between animals and humans. The work is located at the very beginning and also ending of the exhibition, aims to prepare the visitors to this dialogue.

Group Exhibition
"Gizil Bir Empati" @Kasa Galeri, Istanbul/TR, 2022 November 8 - December 23.


Manifesto Text-Sound Composition & Video
8'20", 2020















It is a manifesto text composition about the pandemic history. An outline created for the text and all the sound materials in the piece is collected from various natural human voices in multiple languages, such as old or up-to-date interviews, radio broadcasts, news, text, documentaries, opera, and TV series. The sound materials were installed throughout the piece according to the text outline. It all started with the need of understanding the politics and dynamics behind pandemic history. What is the scope of it? The text aims to emphasize the pandemic's repetition and spread behaviors and to remind the listener of the possibility of having more sustainable lives both mentally and physically. Thus, the human voice is used as compositional material and the main language is English which is used with semantic and phonetic properties. The superposed layer of voices is used for creating dynamic textures while some voices are used for creating gestural elements, different localization of voices and giving movements to them are used for creating spatiality in the stereo image, also some manipulation to blur or obscure the semantic aspect of the text, focusing attention on the raw phonetic and prosodic qualities of the speech. More details about the text outline and text itself can be found in the next chapters.

Group Exhibition
MamutArt Project 2020, @YapıKredi Bomontiada, Istanbul/TR.

Interview with Mimarizm (online architectural magazine), Mamut Art Project: “VIRO-MANIFESTAL”, 2020.




MediSoup-Unmasking. Experimental Sonic Practices (online), 2021.

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