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Spatial composition, Binaural audio
03'11’’, 2022


I composed the piece as a part of my thesis research titled "Compositional Strategies to Create Experiences of Imaginary Spaces through Headphone Listening" to conduct listening experiments.

(Headphones are recommended.)

Graphical Score of SPATCHES

*Graphical Score of SPATCHES

One minute excerpt of the piece was in the selection of 60 Sec Radio Playlist of 2022 with the title "Memory House".

60 Sec Radio Playlist 2022

2022 Radio Art Participant, "Memory House" (Binaural audio), 60 Seconds Radio, Montreal, Qc. Canada

Spatial Composition, Quadrophonic (4-channel) audio 
7'17’’, 2018

SPATIO is based on the interaction between the physical space and sound, thus a listening space and multiple loudspeakers are needed to experience the spaces in the composition. It shows a series of singular sound space variations.


2018 Concert, Comprovasations, SPATIO (Quadrophonic soundscape composition), ITU MIAM, Istanbul

2022, December 29th, Concert, "SPATIO 2" (3D sound system, Spatial Composition with 8 speakers), SONIFIED A Symposium of Sonic Practices, at Arter Museum/Istanbul

(This audio contains the stereo simulation of the audio which does not fully represent the original sound experience.)

Graphic Score of SPATIO

*Graphical Score of SPATIO

Spatio-Listening Season.jp2

*Listening season with architectural students in Sonic Arts Lab at ITU MIAM.

Text score, Part of "A Year of Deep Listening" event
2022, Dec 26th

"A Year of Deep Listening is a 365-day celebration of the legacy of Pauline Oliveros, and what would have been her 90th birthday. The Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer is publishing one text score per day—online and across social media platforms—beginning on Oliveros’ 90th birthday: May 30, 2022."

Mixed Composition for 3 Vocals and Electronics & Video
4'23", 2019

Vocals : Gökçe Göknel, Ozan Türkan, Neval Tarım

Video: Neval Tarım

The aim was to try to simulate the seashore sounds with human voices and breathing. The main theme of the composition is the similarity between sea wave sounds and breathing sounds. The timing and styles of breathing can differ in time through the composition. The same textures and effects go and come back later like the waves of the sea. Textural changes are used as the reference for the vocal mood changes. Some sounds were recorded with Korg Kaossilator and a self-made vocal processor for SuperCollider.


2019 From the Sun to the Moon with MIAM Improvisation Ensemble, @ITU MIAM, Istanbul/TR.

Audio-Visual Live Performance
15'20’’, 2022


2022, Bir Görsel-İşitsel Performans, @Atlas Sineması, Istanbul/TR.

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